When someone goes to a hospital or other healthcare setting to receive care, they become vulnerable to catching healthcare-associated infections (HAIs). Unfortunately, in the U.S., approximately 1 in 31 people in hospitals die each year with these infections—many of which could have been prevented with proper infection prevention practices. 

International Infection Prevention Week is an awareness event to highlight ways to stop the spread of HAIs. Read more about the history of IIPW.

Join your colleagues and friends in celebrating International Infection Prevention Week, October 13-19. This year, because of the rapid rise in measles cases in the U.S. and around the world, IIPW will focus on the crucial role vaccines play in eliminating serious diseases.

Be sure to join our Twitter Chat (#IIPWChat) on October 15 at 12 PM ET where we will discuss ways to increase vaccination! 

The following pages house pre-written materials you can use to spread the word throughout your facility and community.

Promotional Toolkit
Access sample social media posts, newsletter copy, a press release. Do you need ideas on hosting an IIPW event? Look no further. We have fun and creative ideas for activities to help engage everyone in infection prevention.

Logos and Web Buttons
Download the 2019 IIPW logos and web buttons. Link to our page on your website and share these images on social media.

Logo Merchandise
Give infection prevention and IIPW heightened visibility with mugs, tote bags, wearables, and other items that feature the IIPW logo. Spread the word with IIPW logo merchandise.

Social Media
For more infection prevention information, follow APIC on Twitter and Facebook. If you have an idea about an IIPW activity or resource, email info@apic.org.