Download the free infographic poster and share it in your facility.

Keeping patients safe from infection is everyone’s responsibility.

Learn ways to protect patients:

Break the Chain of Infection and stop the spread of germs.

Clean Your Hands before and after providing care to a patient.

Cover Your Cough using the upper part of your sleeve or tissue (not your hands).

Know When (and When Not) to Use Antibiotics.

Follow all Posted Precaution Signs for the patient’s protection, your protection, and everyone else’s protection.

Use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) the right way.

Get Vaccinated (including your annual flu shot) and make sure others do too.

Use Safe Injection Practices. Remember: One needle, One syringe, Only one time.

Keep the Patient’s Environment and Equipment Clean, including high-touch surfaces.

What You Wear Matters. Make sure your attire does not become a source of infection.

Educate Your Patient on ways to prevent infection.

Know Your Infection Preventionists. Patient safety is their number one priority; we know it’s yours too!