Speak up! Infection prevention is everyone’s business. You should never feel shy or reluctant to ask for more information. After all, we’re talking about your health. Your doctors, your nurses, and other members of your care team want you to have a voice in your care. So ask questions, voice concerns, and make sure you’re comfortable with the care you are getting while in the hospital or other healthcare facility.

If you have a concern, please feel free to ask questions:

  • “Is this the first time this needle, tubing, and syringe have been used?”
  • “I didn’t see you clean your hands. Would you mind cleaning your hands before touching me?”
  • “Do I still need this catheter today? Why?”
  • “Am I supposed to shower with an antiseptic soap before I am admitted for my surgery?”
  • “Should I be receiving any shots or vaccines to protect me during my stay or after I go home?”
  • “This area in my room seems dirty. Can you please clean it?”
  • “Can you please check my bandage?”
  • “Have you had your flu vaccine this year?”

If you’re not satisfied with the responses you get or feel that you need more information, ask to talk to another healthcare professional.


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