When you go into a hospital or other healthcare setting to receive care, you become vulnerable to catching infections. Unfortunately, in the U.S., nearly 75,000 people (approximately 1 in 31 people) in hospitals die each year with these infections—many of which could have been prevented with proper infection prevention practices. But the good news is that patients, their families, and other visitors can take steps to prevent infections by simply knowing infection prevention basics! Read a new patient guide (in Spanish) on how to prevent infections.

Know the top 10 ways patients and families can prevent infection:

1.   Speak up for your care.

2.   Clean your hands often.

3.   Ask about safe injection practices.

4.   Ask to have your room cleaned.

5.   Ask questions about your medications.

6.   Ask if you should shower before having surgery.

7.   Ask each day if you still need a catheter.

8.   Ask about vaccinations so you stay healthy.

9.   Recognize an infection preventionist.

10.  Learn about healthcare-associated infections.

Be sure you know how to be a good visitor!

Learn how patients and families can break the chain of infection in healthcare settings.