International Infection Prevention Week Logos

2017 logos will be available this summer. Please email if you have any questions.

Traditional IIPW Logo (for web use) / Traditional IIPW Logo (for print use)



Spanish logo

Yo Manos Limpias

Arabic logo

I Heart Clean Hands

Hebrew logo

Infection Prevention and You


IIPW downloadable web buttons

Link to all the great infection prevention material found on the Infection Prevention and You website with the IIPW web button. Put these web buttons on your facility’s website, Facebook page, blog or other online platform and link to the site.

Instructions for adding the web buttons to your webpage:

  1. Download the desired web button
  2. Upload image and position as desired on webpage
  3. Select “hyperlink” feature on the now uploaded image
  4. Hyperlink to:
  5. Save and publish the webpage