APIC’s Northeastern Pennsylvania chapter promoted IIPW through the “Strike Out Infections” bowling event in 2011.

Here are ideas for events or activities to help raise awareness about the importance of infection prevention in your healthcare facility. In addition to the list below, check out our get social page for additional ideas.

  • Use IIPW logos and other sample materials to create signs, posters, banners, screen savers, and announcements for your facility.
  • Print out the Infection Prevention and You infographic, brochures, flyers, and posters to educate patients about preventing infection.
  • Draft a letter to your healthcare administration that includes details on IIPW and how infection prevention contributes to patient safety.
  • Insert IIPW announcements in employee newsletters.
  • Add an IIPW message to your email signature line.
  • Use fluorescent hand lotion to educate employees about hand hygiene.
  • Order IIPW branded merchandise for booths, displays, or prizes.
  • Create IIPW tray liners for cafeteria food trays.
  • Create infection prevention quizzes; offer prizes, such as IIPW stickers or other themed giveaways.
  • Take a “what’s wrong?” approach. Use photos or posters for staff to identify infection prevention mistakes.
  • Organize a group to view the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) IIPW webinar on Tuesday, October 18 (details coming soon).
  • Show vignettes from the new U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) infection prevention video, “Partnering to Heal,” during staff meetings or videos from the APIC Film Festival.
  • Offer employee flu shots during IIPW.
  • Promote your safety nurses during IIPW – Have them staff booths/events, give flu shots; display their photos, feature their bios in the employee newsletter.