APIC’s East Central Pennsylvania chapter partnered with the Capital Region Immunization Coalition and the M.A.R.T.I.N. Flu foundation to educate Hershey park goers on the importance of infection prevention in 2012.

Here are ideas for events or activities to help raise awareness about the importance of infection prevention in your community.

  • Together with your local APIC chapter, reach out to your local health department, community hospitals, and schools to organize a joint campaign to promote infection prevention to the public.
  • Pass out hand sanitizers and literature about infection prevention to community members at:
    • Bus stops
    • Grocery stores
    • Ball parks
    • Bowling alleys
    • Or any other busy public area.
  • Organize a hand washing and “cover your cough” demonstration for students at local schools.
  • Plan a public flu vaccine clinic and pass out literature on why infection prevention is important.
  • “Like” the APIC Facebook page and drive consumers to it to engage them in conversations about the importance of infection prevention.
  • Work with the local schools to hold a hand washing poster contest that allows kids to be creative about infection prevention. Then pass out IIPW t-shirts or other merchandise to the participants.
  • Use Halloween as a creative theme:
    • Create an “Infection Prevention Haunted House”
    • Dress up as your favorite microorganism
    • Use black light to show germs
    • Give candy prizes or vendor giveaways
  • Use the Advocacy Toolkit to help guide your outreach and plan a visit to your state legislature.
  • Contact your legislators on behalf of infection prevention through the APIC “Take action” page.
  • Read the winter 2011 Prevention Strategist article titled “Global to Local” to get more inspiring ideas.